Monday, February 15, 2010


So yesterday I received "The Beautiful Blog" award and "The Creative Blogger" award from the amazing and sweet blogger Kelly Lauren! Thank you so much, I am so honored!

So, as a part of the award, I am to list 7 facts about myself. Here they are!

1. I am the biggest shopaholic ever!
2. I live in a small town where almost nobody is interested in fashion and I have to travel 4 hours a day to go to school!
3. I think Mick Jagger is hot and nobody agrees!
4. When I have finished my education, I love to begin my own shop, with vintage, costumized pieces and pieces of my own label.
5. My favourite food is a surinam dish called “roti”!
6. I wear a lot of black!
7. I am so occupied with my study, work and blogging that my boyfriend is sometimes wondering who that girl is, living in his house.

So, the next 7 ladies have received "The Beautiful Blog Award" and "The Creative Blogger Award", and if you wish to do so, post 7 facts about yourself and pass it along to 7 other bloggers! XOXO!

1. Zaira
2. Denni
3. Jennie
4. Annette
5. Elora
6. Candy
7. Taylor


  1. i also love your style! (and your hair is awesome)..thanks for the awards. and i think i know what roti it a flat bread? i'm indian and i think we eat roti too.

  2. i love the feather skirt!

    do send me some love over at


  3. I loooove it! I can't believe you travel 4 hours for school! You're dedicated - I dig it. I would love to shop at your own shop when you get one!

    Much love.

  4. i love your blog- very inspirational, defanately following it

  5. thanks for the award! i'll be sure to add the random facts to my next post! you're gorgeous!